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Traitor Daughter

Traitor Daughter is an intriguing character with both the good and the evil worlds intertwined in her.
The signs of this ongoing battle can be seen in everything that she is, her eyes, her jaw, her hair style and other elements. This portrayal is also noted by the name she bares.

The White Horse

Wonderful, elegant and very powerful creature.
It was modeled, textured and groomed in great detail and highest quality.
A horse that everytime you look at it, seems like it will start trotting.

Scene 010

This shot is created in detail where all characters and creatures are modeled, textured, rigged and keyframe animated by neopictures team.

All creatures included here are original creation, protected by copyright Ⓒ neopictures.

Happy Europe Day!

The Animation Movie House in Kosovo neopictures has taken this self-initiative to honor the centuries-old contribution of our personalities to the bright present and the common future of Europe.
The limited space forced us not to include all the contributing personalities, whose contribution, however, is no less important!
Regardless of the circumstances where we stand, Kosovo honors Europe on this special day with this symbolic video too.
The intention of this video is to convey peace and cooperation in the human context, so we think and believe that borders between states are simply restrictive orientations, and / or illusions that will soon disappear!
No doubt a bright future awaits us!
Happy Europe Day!


ZHAK - first look

With this teaser we aim to highlight the artistic and technical abilities as well as the quality of our work here at neopictures. You can see the first look of the movie and have a feel on what Zhak is about. We first started working on our movie Zhak in 2016, so in 2019 we were very excited to finally be able to show you a sneak peak of the movie after three years of hard work.


Screenplay - Concept & Script writing

Movie Directing • Production Design

Direction of Photography • Visual Effects

VFX supervision • 3D animation

Modeling • Texturing • Look Development

Rigging • Animation • Motion Capture

FX • Compositing • Beauty

Rotoscoping/Paint (cleanup)

Film Editing • Digital intermediate(DI)

Content management • Deliverables

Color Correction • Motion graphics



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